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Davidope makes some of the most groovy gifs I’ve ever seen. Worth going though his whole tumblr. 

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☞Frankee - Black Heart (Official)☜




Amazing Surreal Body Art Illusions

These incredible body paintings are almost more performance art than body art. The models bodies are transformed into beautiful creatures. These body art illusions are created by 25-year-old German artist Gesine Marwedel. The young artist uses the human body as her canvas despite that it is a difficult medium to paint and work with - its living. Her canvas breathes, sweats and moves. Her paint brush turns models into amazingly alive swans or dolphins, making it hard to believe it’s all painted onto real people. Marwedel admits that she loves how body painting helps people to rediscover their beauty. (via Beautiful Life)

  i really like the heart one

Become it.

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